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The two different types of DNA that are traditionally used in genetic genealogy are Y-DNA and mtDNA.

Both of these types of DNA are inherited "clonally" (ie. like a clone), so that it's more-or-less identical to the original mtDNA or Y-DNA passed down several generations previously.

Y-DNA inheritance

As explained on other pages, the sex chromosomes (ie. gender determining chromosomes) are the X and Y chromosomes. A man has one X and one Y chromosome, and a woman has two X chromosomes. X chromosomes are not clonal, and will "recombine" when the egg is formed (but not when sperm are formed). The inheritance pattern of the X chromosome is more complicated (see here for more information)


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mtDNA inheritance

Not to be confused with the X-chromosome, Mitochondrial DNA is from a different type of DNA, that is seperate from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus.


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